From: Nydia Jones
Sent: Tuesday, 30 October 2018 3:33 PM
To: Directors <>
Subject: Sale of XX Mundy Street, Bendigo

Dear Directors

On behalf of my husband Dean and myself, I’d like to let you know just how delighted we have been with the services provided to us by Leonie Butler and Kaye Lazenby.

After getting to know us and what we were looking for, in 1996 Leonie helped us find and purchase our first family home.

We have been extremely happy at our home, but earlier this year, decided a change of scenery was for us.

With so many memories, the decision to list our home was a difficult one. The decision who to list our home with was easy – it was Leonie.

Leonie understood that we have a strong connection to our home and provided us with a great deal of information around listing price, marketing and how to present our home for sale.

We listened and did our best to do our part to ensure a successful sale.

The day after our home was listed on the internet, a daily procession of potential buyers followed and after three days an offer.

During our constant conversations in person, phone and text, Leonie again gauged a great understanding of what we were looking for in our next home and provided a great deal of feedback from the potential buyers.

Not only was our home sold in under a week, Leonie had also arranged for us to inspect two properties she had appraised.

So in a week, we not only sold our home, but also bought our new home.

Leonie and Kaye have been very supportive throughout what could have easily been a stressful process and we are very grateful that we were lucky enough to have them by our side.


- Anonymous

From: RelDeano
Sent: Wednesday, 24 October 2018 5:34 PM
To: Kris Walden-Dickie <>
Subject: To the Head of Rental Property Management DCK Real Estate

Good afternoon, I am writing this email as feedback from my previous 2 years with DCK, in particular my current Property Manager Kris Walden-Dickie.

I have been a full time member of the Royal Australian Air Force for the past 25 years and have had the pleasure of working with some of the most dedicated and professional people.

During the past two years I have had many dealings with Kris and I have always been impressed by Kris’s professionalism and the sound strait forward advice he provides when dealing with not only the day to day issues, but on occasion very difficult tenants and situations. He is obviously very educated about the current and the proposed tenancy laws here in Victoria and the obligations of both the land lord and tenant.  

He is always pleasant, respectful and prompt and has not hesitated to go out of his way to assist even during out of office hours. I have full confidence in his abilities and would have no hesitation in recommending him and DCK as agents and that Kris is a real asset to DCK. 

I would be happy to discuss further and can be contacted by phone on 0425799844.


Dean Saunders

- Anonymous

Thank you to our Vendor Paul Filbey for allowing us to share his story . . . . here's why he selected Kaye Lazenby to sell his property.

From: Paul Filbey
Date: 4 October 2018 at 12:39:14 pm AEST
To: Kaye Lazenby <>
Subject: RE: 243 Napier street

HI Kaye,

Happy to help with feedback, and why I selected you to sell my property.

I did speak with three agents to get an idea of their costs, their thoughts on the market, and whether I felt I could work with them.

After inspecting the property one agent was highly critical of the property and quoted a market value of about $350K and suggested the property should go to auction. I felt the price was low and questioned the validity of auctioning such a property, but more importantly I didn’t feel comfortable dealing with them. I didn’t want my name or property associated with them, and if they made me feel uncomfortable, how do they make potential buyers feel?

Another agent advised me they had made an appointment for an inspection with the tenant the following week, and I never heard from them again. Did they forget about the appointment and inconvenience my tenant, did they do the inspection and forget to call me? Did the tenant cancel and the agent didn’t’ follow-up? Who doesn’t follow-up on a prospect? What happened? In any case I wasn’t going to deal with someone who doesn’t honor promises (that they would inspect the property then call me back), and reliability to me is important.

You did all the things the others didn’t. You were polite, professional, to the point, honored all promises by returning calls or emails within a reasonable time (you returned calls/message much faster than I would expect), and you had credibility with a reputation you had built up over your career (you were referred to me by friends who were previous clients of yours in the past couple of years). You asked what was important to me – which was respecting the tenants privacy as much as possible, and a simple sale with no fuss or hassles. You did everything I asked – and sold the property quickly for a good price (above my expectations) and it was all hassle free from my perspective.

Integrity, respect, dignity and credibility is what I was looking for – and the other two didn’t display it – you did.

- Anonymous



Email Agent Enquiry

First Name:

Brian & Annette

Last Name:









Hi Matt,

Annette & I would just like to pass on our thanks to the DCK team in the sale of our Hargreaves Street property. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the great work Kaye Lazenby did in selling our property. We've bought and sold a few properties over the years but never had such a wonderful and happy experience as we had with Kaye. Her attention to detail, constant feedback, extensive consultation and positive attitude was a revelation. If or when we sell another property, Kaye will be the person we come to for sure. Cheers & thanks from Brian & Annette


- Anonymous

Vendor Testimonial for Kaye Lazenby

- Anonymous

From: Emily Skoda
Sent: Friday, 3 August 2018 11:01 AM
To: Georgina Dungey
Subject: Feedback

Hi Georgina,

Justin Pell recently sold our investment property, xx and xxx Marong Rd Bendigo (it settled on Monday 23rd July). I'm emailing you because I'd like to give some feedback on our experience with Justin, as our Real Estate Agent.

Justin initially rang me earlier this year to follow up on enquires we had made with another agent from DCK last year about the sale of the property.  Last year we were told that property value had dropped and we were unlikely to get what we wanted - $xxx 000 - so we held off on listing it.  When Justin rang this year he was confident he could get what we wanted, as the market had changed.

Justin stuck by our asking price when dealing with potential buyers and we felt that he really highlighted the positive aspects well. Justin contacted me on a regular basis via text and phone calls with updates on interest in the property, potential buyers and progress of the sale. When the first offer we received fell through due to finance Justin worked quickly to get things back on track and we received another offer very soon after.

We have been very impressed with Justin, particularly with how quicky he actions things and the level of contact he maintained throughout.

Kind Regards,

Emily Skoda and Patrick Egan

- Anonymous

From: M&G Hall
Sent: Monday, 30 July 2018 8:11 PM
To: Georgina Dungey
Subject: Recent sale of the tennis courts in Haggar Street Eaglehawk.

Hello Georgina.

My name is Glenys Hall and I am an elder at the Eaglehawk Uniting Church where we had two tennis courts for sale last weekend. I have been working with Adam as part of a small team to sell this property and I wanted to express my thoughts about the process and result.    We have been dealing with Adam Smith throughout  which has taken a lot longer than we had hoped due to no fault of Adam’s.

We have had an excellent interaction with Adam for the past year since I first approached him to take charge of this sale.  He has been readily available for consultation, has had the process of sale well organised and planned out.  He has been constantly in contact with us along the way even with many obstacles presented to us all from the main office of our church.

Below is part of an email I sent to Adam last week prior to the auction as I was not able to be at the auction to personally express my thanks. 

“I wanted to thank you and your team for the work you have put into this auction.  I know it hasn’t been easy and straightforward (even this week you have had extra interruptions that were not anticipated).  Your commitment from the time I first asked you about taking on this job has been exemplary. Your communication process especially has been very thorough and helpful. I thank you for your patience with the different powers of the Uniting church too. I would recommend you to my friends for real estate dealings in the future and wish you all the very best”

The result of the auction was also more than we had expected and all people connected with the church that I have spoken to since Saturday are extremely impressed with this result.

So, please  accept this as my sincere thanks for a process that has resulted in a most satisfactory outcome for us at Eaglehawk Uniting.

Yours faithfully


- Anonymous

From: Phillip Webb
Date: 29 July 2018 1:11:51 PM AEST
To: "" <>
Cc: "" <>
Subject: Re: Hayley Walden- Dickie.

REF:    Units Adam St Quarry Hill.

Hello Rob.

I have been a landord with DCK for well in excess of 25 years - originally starting with Josie Stewart as our first property manager - almost when she started!

During that period of time we have had several managers, all of them have served us well.

Recently we have experienced a couple of very unusual dramas that Hayley has assisted us extremely well.

In October 2017 we had a flood in one of our units in Quarry Hill that caused the majority of the ground floor to require to be totally replaced. That included carpets, joinery, plaster, paint work, etc.

I had considerable issues with the building contractor appointed by the insurance company and during this very frustrating time, Hayley was a great aid and assistance in liasoning with the tenant and ourselves.

Luckily the tenant was moving to alternate premises so the inconvenience caused by the disastrous builder did not impact greatly on his accommodation.    Eventually I was able to achieve a satisfactory product and I thank Hayley for the assistance shown during this period.

The second issue was in May this year when a fire in another unit we have in Quarry Hill, caused the main bedroom to require total replacement and the balance of the unit to be totally cleaned and repainted.   The tenant had to vacate whilst this work was undertaken.

Luckily the building contractor appointed this time did a fantastic job and the work was completed in 6 weeks.

Once again all through this process Hayley was tremendous in updating both ourselves and the tenant with progress of the works.

I managed the process from a distance but Hayley was instrumental if I required any local assistance.

She was also a great help to us in sorting out the "loss of rentals" claim with the insurance company in providing certain documentation that the company was requesting.

It should also be noted that the tenant was very patient and accepting of the circumstances.

In conclusion I would like to pass onto the Directors of DCK my thanks and praise for the help and assistance that Hayley undertook during both of these dramas.    It was certainly comforting to know that she was there as a strong backup support and a great link to the tenants.    Well done.

Thank you & regards.

Phil Webb

- Anonymous

RateMyAgent  07 May 2018  Vendor: Kelli Tindal

Extremely understanding!

Adam provided a highly personal and professional service during a stressful and emotional time. Adam communicated every element of the process clearly and thoughtfully and limited any opportunity for issues between the separated owners. Adam always provided detailed feedback after all inspections and ensured prospective buyers were given an abundance of opportunities to view the property. The property sold for a much higher amount than expected and I can't thank Adam enough for his brilliant service and exceptional support.

- Anonymous

From: Sandra & Doug Gillies
Date: 29 March 2018 at 3:14:24 am AEDT
To: <>
Subject: Adam Smith

Good Morning Georgina,

My husband and I have been dealing with Adam re xx Cooper Grove, Strathfieldsaye for the past couple of months.

Adam is an extremely professional, friendly and helpful person. Nothing was too much trouble and if he was unable to answer a question we did not have to wait long before he came back with an answer.

We cannot speak highly enough of Adam. We would contact him again and have no hesitation in recommending him, and your company to anyone else.

DCK is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and enthusiastic agent in Adam Smith.

Thanks and regards Sandra and Doug Gillies.

- Anonymous