Faye Tudor

Property Manager Assistant

“The property industry is interesting and dynamic; it changes every day and so does the job.  I really enjoy that variety of experiences. My role is people focused which is so rewarding because I enjoy helping people, finding solutions and positive outcomes.”

Following a varied career including over a decade in retail, positions as a graduate teaching assistant at Glasgow university, a researcher in commercial real estate, and roles in education management - Faye and her husband made the decision to emigrate to Australia from Scotland.  After landing in Bendigo, Faye returned to working in the real estate industry joining DCK as an Assistant Property Manager.

“ All my colleagues are very experienced and knowledgeable. I love that there’s so much to learn and that everyone is very supportive and willing to help me.  Property management is a busy job.  I enjoy the buzz of the day’s activities especially when you can help solve an issue for a renter or a rental provider.”

Cheerful, professional and accomplished, Faye always tries to do her best for her clients and colleagues, taking an organised and balanced approach to her work.

She enjoys having a goal to aim for and is always inspired by a challenge, whether that’s learning a new system at work or a cycling event!

As an active person who enjoys being outdoors amongst nature’s beautiful scenery and wildlife, Faye spends her spare time cycling, walking, sailing and taking photos. She also particularly enjoys eating (!) and can often be found trying out a new café or restaurant, or baking treats for her friends and family.

“Being Scottish, my accent is obviously different and I’m finding lots of words that I think are common English but turn out to be Scots! I might start Scots Word of the Day and maybe my colleagues and clients can do Aussie Word of the Day with me!”

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