Demostrated detailed attention, care and goodwill

Dear Mr KettererWe are writing to you just to let you know how pleased we have been with the detailed attention, caring, and goodwill that Leonie Butler has shown to us with attending to our many sales and purchases of real estate over the past 12 months. Leonie has always been there to help and advise and is a very impressive asset to your business. We thank you all very much for all your help and we wish Leonie much continuing success for the futureYours faithfully

- Mr John Haythorne & Jan Hopley

You have been one of the best real estate agents we've come across

Hi Kaye,We just wanted to let you know that Dean and I have been successful in buying a house. XXXX Brougham Street, through ABC Real Estate, we only just paid the full deposit down late last week. I thought it best to let you know.We are disappointed that it wasn't through you in the end, as we have found you to be fantastic in your persistence to find us a house. You have also been one of the best real estate agents we have come across (and we have come across quite a few doozies in the last year).Having said that, our future plans are to own a couple of investment properties within Bendigo and we will be certain to contact you in regards to buying or even selling in the future.Thank you again for your effort and your fantastic work ethic.Sincerely

- Andrea and Dean Ratcliffe

High standard of integrity

Directors DCK The dis-interested, apathetic, non-communicative, take-you-for-granted, just interested in the commission attitude bordering on arrogance from the agent listing our property in a retirement village, prior to listing with DCK, was in total contrast to the attitude and service provided by Kaye Lazenby. We knew where the situation was at all times and through her persistence we sold realistic to the market.  It was a united team effort with both of us on the same page at all times, in contrast to the previous brick wall attitude with the only communication and feedback useless internet data. Kaye was always courteous, attentive, diligent and professional in her relationship with myself and in management of the sale. Our reputation in the community and society we live and work in is merely the opinion of us forged by and held by others, which is based on our character, which in turn is a direct reflection of our personal choices of attitude and behaviour, and our consistency to maintain it in all aspects of our life. This in turn is a direct measure of our integrity, which is a merely measure of our character and reputation held against widely accepted values in a society of what constitutes a just, diligent, honourable and trustworthy person. Often hard to achieve and once compromised or lost, never to fully regain. All we leave behind of any lasting value after we leave this life is our integrity. And the last shirt has no pockets in which to take any material possessions.  A reality many lose sight of, or simply never recognise in the first instance. In a simple paraphrase, Kaye contrasted with the stereotyped "used car salesman and real estate agent" syndrome, where negative experiences have (an often un-deserved) reputation of being common place. Our first experience with an agent confirmed that view. However, the relationship with Kaye was the complete opposite: in a word, professional. From my experience, you can be assured Kaye works hard to maintain a high standard of integrity as portrayed in your history on your website, in which you can be proud to have Kaye as one of your own.

- Richard May

Positive & lasting impression

Dear Robert, Trust this finds you well and happy Monday to you. Billy and I wanted to convey to you our upmost respect and admiration for Leonie Butler who has delivered a level of service to us that is well over and above all expectations. While we had felt highly confident of her professionalism after she left a positive and lasting impression when we bought our Timbertop home from DCK two years ago, we have been overwhelmingly impressed with Leonie’s commendable efforts, efficiency, caring touch and dedication throughout the (very quick!) sale and subsequent purchase of a new home. As a result, we would never go anywhere other than DCK and would advise others to do the same in future for we would only trust someone like Leonie to deliver a premium service during what is undoubtedly a major, life changing decision. As I am sure you would be aware, not only did Leonie negotiate a remarkably quick sale of our home in Timbertop Drive but she had also listened to us when we had expressed our ‘wish list’ in a new home. She presented us with an opportunity that was ‘on the money’ and in what was a seamless and stress-free process, we now find ourselves proud owners of this ‘dream home’. This is thanks to Leonie who in a master-stroke, managed to serve the interests of both the Murphy Street owners as well as ourselves. She looked after everyone, working tirelessly to ensure all parties were pleased and interests accounted for. In short, I have no doubt we would not be in such a fortunate position today without Leonie and we remain extremely grateful to her for this. Best wishes to all at DCK for the remainder of the year and beyond. With thanks

- Reagan Lacey (Alumni Relations Manager Girton Grammar School)

Wouldn't deal with anyone else!

Hi Rob, Naturally, I concur with everything Reagan said 110%. From the very first day we dealt with Leonie when we purchased our home in October 2010, we said that we wouldn’t deal with anyone else but Leonie and DCK. Her personal touch to dealings and particularly her willingness to go the extra mile was very much appreciated. It was pretty clear from the start we were dealing with someone of the highest integrity in all her dealings. The little things which Leonie did like taking the time to come over to our place for cup of tea outside of hours and driving Reagan over to our prospective new house on a Sunday afternoon was outstanding. She is a legend (& a terrific salesperson!) and it is evident that she really cares about her client’s affairs. I am hoping we don’t buy and sell again in 2 years’ time (the stamp duty is a killer!), but if we do it will be via Leonie & DCK! What Reagan said about Leonie listening to the type of property we were after, was spot on. We have spoken to so many agents and described exactly what we were looking for only to be shown something completely off the mark. Leonie’s intuition and willingness to listen to her clients stands her /DCK head and shoulders above most if not all of your competitors in the real estate market place. It was good to meet you at the movie night too. I hope to catch up with you again soon sometime. All the best,

- Billy Lacey (CA & Partner - Stewarts Accountants)

Her positive approach was exactly what we'd always hoped for

Regarding the DCK Real Estate Sales TeamWe are at present, happily surrounded by boxes and a household in transit!!! However, for quite some time, we did not think we were going to reach this desirable outcome!When we first were made aware of the qualities expressed to us by other successful vendors, of Kaye Lazenby and her team at DCK, we were gridlocked in a disappointing relationship with a competing Real Estate Office in Bendigo.We were confused and puzzled with the lack of activity and communication between our previous agent and ourselves, but had our 90 day contract to honour with them.During our first appointment with Kaye, we certainly felt thoroughly comfortable discussing with her, the important aspects of what we believed to be essential to selling our property.Kaye listened very attentively, then contributed strong strategies whilst assessing our property more appropriately, and from our first meeting, we felt her excitement, her enormous energy. Her positive approach was exactly what we had always hoped for, yet had not been given! From this wonderful beginning, Kaye very quickly brought us possible purchasers in private inspections, enquiries, and an Open for Inspection arrangement which led to the sale of our property within a week!!! It was an amazing week full of activity and excited communication!What then followed was a disappointing change of mind from our purchaser, due to serious family problems, yet Kaye was not deterred by this, and amazingly presented another purchaser the following week!!!! Sale!!!We had so much more communication and activity in 2 weeks than we had had in 3 months. Kaye's determination and extremely compassionate insight for both vendor and purchaser had provided us with a golden opportunity to fulfil our desire to sell when we had almost given up hope.We have been so impressed with all the skills, tact, level of communication and completely dedicated energies that Kaye continues to give, and we are so very glad that we have had her by our sides through this process. The awful stress that we felt when we first went to Kaye, lifted almost immediately as we were able to trust the spirit which she gave of herself, the successes she brought to us, and the sincere delight she so obviously enjoys in her very valued role.Congratulations Kaye, you are indeed a true gem in your profession, a treasure in an industry where so many others fail. We offer our heartfelt thanks to you for your wise guidance, sincerity and meticulous attentions through our difficult time.Strength and commitment, professional ethics, energy and positive thinking, realistic strategies, excited communication - Kaye is a delight to know and a true representative of quality with values not often seen in the Real Estate world.Yours most sincerely,

- Louise & Henry Heyden

Kaye was exceptional selling our house

Dear Matt, I would just like to let you know how exceptional Kaye Lazenby was throughout the process of selling our house at XX Lyndale Court, Flora Hill. We decided to list our property with DCK due to Kaye’s professionalism and promptness when appraising our property. Communication is the key to success for any business and Kaye has it down to a fine art, throughout the sale we always felt well informed and included. She had great ideas to help market the property to the best of its advantage and it paid off, with only one open for inspection we had a buyer and received the price we were after. With our largest asset in her hands it was a stress free time, with a wonderful outcome and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kaye to anyone wishing to sell their property. Thank you Kaye for all the effort you put in to selling our house.

- Jess & Luke Oxlade

Excellent Conduct & Character

To whom it may concern,I am writing this as a formal statement of the excellence of character and conduct of Kaye Lazenby, property consultant with Dungey Carter Ketterer. Kaye has worked with us on our last three property transactions, all with the desired successful outcomes. We first met her when buying a property in Kangaroo Flat some ten years ago and were immediately impressed by her friendly, yet businesslike manner and her ability to succinctly outline the pros and cons of the property deal on the table.  Kaye recently sold this same house in a difficult, declining market. Our former home was one which appealed to a narrow range of buyers because of its unusual architecture. Kaye quickly summed up this fact and helped us to deal with the disappointment of having to reduce the house’s price to meet the market. She kept us optimistic by being so herself and constantly reminded us how beautiful our well prepared house was.Kaye has extremely high professional standards which were amply demonstrated by the care she took to be constantly in touch with us over the four months it took to sell the house. Kaye also communicated clearly with others on the sales team and frequently made us aware that, as well as her personalised attention to our house sale, there was also a whole team quietly assisting in the background. Kaye was always punctual, well prepared for inspections and gave excellent feedback on her view of how they had gone. She was always cheerful and forward looking and helped us to stay focussed on our plan and realistic about possible outcomes.Kaye was also kind enough to be a referee for our son, a full time university student, who was looking for his first rental accommodation in Bendigo. We believe that her recommendation helped him to secure a unit in the desired location in an extremely tight rental market. Max is now happily and successfully ensconced in his own independent living arrangement. Taking the trouble to get to know the whole family’s accommodation needs and acting to assist in achieving them where possible is what makes Kaye such a successful property consultant.  Kaye is acutely and actively aware that dwellings help to define our sense of self. We have no hesitation in recommending Kaye to anyone needing the services of an excellent property consultant.Yours sincerely

- Fred and Ruth Wachtel

Excellent marketing strategy resulted in a quick sale at a very good price

Good morning Robert,We wish to take this opportunity to commend DCK for their professionalism in the recent sale of our property. In particular, we wish to thank Kaye who gave us quality, succinct advice and devised an excellent marketing strategy that resulted in a quick sale at a very good price. Kaye made the whole process hassle free for us. Rgs,

- Milan & Heather Ivetic

Smooth sales process and very much hassle free

Hi Marc Just a quick email to thank you for your work on selling Holdsworth Road and managing the tenant during this time.  It has been a very smooth process and very much hassle free. Your professionalism has been very evident and I'll certainly be happy to recommend your services to others in the future. Thanks again,

- Justin Anderson (petermac,org)